Control Your Anger In 6 Easy Ways

control anger

Shri Krishna says, “Anger clouds judgment, which results in bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed. And when the intellect is destroyed, the person is ruined.” The world is creating multiple triggers everyday to fuse our spark. On top of it, we are becoming impatient, careless and very sensitive. We get offended easy and we are ready to pick a fight at the drop of a hat. Putting our bodies and people around us in stress. Hence it is time we learn how to stay calm in adverse situations.

Here are 6 ways to control your anger:

  1. Walk away from the situation

    Walking away from a tense situation is the smart thing to do. It gives you time to cool down, reassess and react in a composed manner. Many times the environment and people fuel our anger. Cut yourself away from tense situations and give your intellect time to analyse. This will help you resolve issues more positively.

  1. Do something physical

    I’m sure you can relate to this. When you sweat, there is an uplifting effect in your brain and body. This transcending effect can help you get over anger. So, if you are angry, sweat it out, go for a run, play a sport, or just do anything that increases your heart rate.

    Moreover multiple studies have demonstrated that exercise reduces anger by burning excess energy and releasing powerful endorphins that help in altering mood.

  1. Distract yourself

    By now you understand the point, that it’s all in your head. Hence if you are able to distract your mind, you’ll be able to control the situation. For example count till 10, watch a political debate or go meet few friends. Do anything that takes your mind away from the current situation. By doing this you’ll be giving yourself time to regain control.

    Always remember, if you stay calm and composed, you’ll be respected and you’ll command authority.

  1. Talk to someone close

    Our thoughts keep us imprisoned in a state of self doubt. We are always analysing what went wrong and what could go wrong in future. This process makes small things appear extra large in our tiny brains. Hence talking to someone helps us release the extra baggage we are carrying. We get a second opinion and a different perspective to things.

    This can help us understand our shortcomings and errors in judgement. Normally fights occur between Egos, and Ego only knows how to make You the hero.

  1. Listen to music

    Music is magical, when we are sad we listen to slow music, when happy peppy music, there is music for all our moods. And we subconsciously create positive affirmations with few selected tunes.

    Music has multiple benefits, especially on our nervous system, giving it a soothing effect. It produces a feeling of well-being, that helps relax the state of heightened emotional awareness, occurring in tense situations. So, when you feel enraged, pick up a peppy number from your list and groove to it.

  1. Meditate

    Your mind can be your greatest friend if it is under your control and can be your worst foe if it is out of your control. Meditation gives you the required hack to rewire your brain. In the state of meditation when you look into yourself, you are accessing parts of the brain that were dormant. Giving you more control over your body, senses and the flow of life. Regular meditation makes you calm, composed and aware, three attributes missing in the angry state.


In anger there are two responses that generally take the forefront:

  1. We take everything personally – we feel that this situation is created to harm us, this person is saying this to hurt us, we just keep imagining negative attributes in this state of mind
  2. We believe the end is going to be catastrophic. Whatever the situation we fear the worst.

Understand how your brain plays tricks on you, not everyone is here to hurt you, sometimes the situation makes people behave unpleasantly. Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time, learn the above healthy ways to deal with it.