12 Addictions And How To Beat Them


If we are the swords, our iron is moulded through our habits, routines, and customs. Our personalities are the output of our environment, upbringing, friends, what we eat, drink and consume.

Recognition by peers is an underlying desire we all have. We are inclined towards being visible and making a mark in the world. Second we all want to be famous, because that is the key to happiness, as told by our families, teachers and the media. Hence there are two factors which make us choose various addictions: Recognition & Depression.


Addictions are triggered by various factors in our lives and they may change with age. It starts with the sense of pleasure, by consuming or doing something, scientifically speaking release of neurotransmitter dopamine in brain.

The sense of pleasure in a stressed-out environment, depression or heartbreak can work as a soothing balm. Contrary to popular belief, dopamine doesn’t appear to actually cause feelings of pleasure or euphoria. Instead, it creates an association between certain things and feelings of pleasure. This association drives you to seek out those things again, to recreate the feeling of pleasure.


Flaw in the reward system

Continuous use of a substance or engaging in a behaviour, makes your brain produce larger amounts of dopamine. The problem starts here, your brain’s reward system now needs the same amount of dopamine from normal triggers to function normally.

Now the only substance or behaviour that gives you pleasure is the addictive one. Hence as addiction increases, you start losing interest in other activities, which could lead to job loss, health issues, relationship concerns and withdrawal symptoms.


Addictions are vastly Chemical and Behavioural related:

Chemical addictions are caused by consumption, which include:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Nicotine
  3. Opioids
  4. Cannabis
  5. Cocaine

Chemical addictions have only two problems – Procurement and Cost, other than that they guarantee deteriorating health, loss of social connections and delusions.

To beat chemical addictions in people suffering from distressing emotions, therapy is an important step.  If you have identified the addiction, it is advised you join a support group at the earliest. They will help you in recovery intensely, as the comfort and guidance from others like you can make a lot of difference.


Second type of addiction is behaviour related. Any activity that becomes a compulsion is an addiction.

Any compulsive disorder can lead to a problematic situation, specially if it is a behavioural addiction. These addictions bring disgrace and loss of face in the society. Hence identifying them and controlling the urges at early stages can save your reputation, money, and good will. Behavioural addictions include:

  1. Gambling
  2. Shopping
  3. Sex
  4. Exercise
  5. Food
  6. TV
  7. Social Media

Behavioural addictions can be effectively cured by a therapy called CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy). CBT focuses on paying attention to your thoughts and emotions that cause distress, and later learning how to reframe them. This combined with more productive coping skills, can reduce the need for addictive behaviours.


Treatment & Cure

We may still not know the reasons and causes for addictions, but one thing that is abundantly clear is that, it is treatable.

Self-help groups can also help in resolving behavioural addictions. These groups rely on self-help treatment methods and involve anonymous group support from other people working toward recovery.

If there is someone around you suffering from an addiction, don’t disregard them, be the support system which was missing in their life. Love and support can do wonders for an addict.



Best addiction is addiction to life, understand the flow of energies in your body and find ecstasy in discovering your purpose in life. You don’t have to impress anyone, but yourself. When you start finding joy in your own company, the world will follow you for inspiration.

Start a healthy regime for yourself and the people around you. A healthy body and mind will bring you respect and recognition in society. And just FYI – meditation, running and other workouts also release dopamine in your brain. Hence find a healthy way to achieve the amazing high, that would bring you everlasting peace and joy.