6 Reasons Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure


It’s an age old saying, but do we actually believe and take preventive measures. This phrase was coined around 1500 century, when the health services and technology were medieval if not barbaric. But does this phrase still hold good, in an era where life expectancy has increased 3 times, medical facilities are available 24×7 and you can treat basic ailments using drugs from a medical store across the street. Well there are few phrases that never go out of fashion.

The New Generation

The current generation lives by the phrase YOLO (You only live once) and hence the thrill, excitement and adrenaline rush is a necessity rather than a choice. They are always on a lookout for a new high. And the new world has been kind to them by providing maximum mood stimulants, varieties of alcohol and smokes that could turn them into a live firecracker within seconds. Our bodies have been kind to us and very resilient. It has created tolerance for many pesticides, pollutants and poisons, which could have been fatal for humans few decades back. But taking it for granted and being careless can only do us harm.


Corona an eye opener

Prevention is the only way the human race can survive and thrive. Covid19 has been an eye opener for the world. Masks, social distancing and routine cleansing rituals have become a norm. Where we used to feel invincible, Corona Virus has shown how vulnerable human race can be.

Taking preventive measures at the right time, can save us money, resources and most important our lives. But why do we have to face a pandemic to realise and accept the benefits of prevention? Isn’t this the most common thing we should do for our survival?


Top 6 reasons why prevention is better than cure:

  1. Immunity

    Boosting immunity is a series of tasks that create a system of efficiency. Immunity is not a single entity, it is a system, which is created through harmony and balance. Most of the functions that lead to a healthy and effective immune system are a series of predefined habits (preventive measures). Which range from healthy diet, sleeping routine, cleansing your body, exercising and avoiding stimulants like alcohol and smoke. When all these factors come together, your body develops healthy cells/antibodies to fight invaders which might affect you inversely.

    Building immunity is an ongoing process, you have to keep taking preventive measures, so that your body is always equipped for adverse situations.


  1. Transportation

    Machines are making our lives easier and convenient. Engineering marvels have been built, that could transport us hundreds of miles within hours. However these machines come with enormous risk and capability to harm numerous lives. Number one aspect of handling these machines is precaution, which is advertised in bold for emphasis.

    Every year the lives of approximately 1.35 million people are cut short as a result of a road accidents. Between 20 and 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability as a result of their injury. The trauma and loss faced by the family members can’t be gauged. Hence a small step towards safety and precaution can help you multifariously.


  1. Safety

    Personal safety is a choice more than an option. Taking care of your safety while travelling or socialising are all part of being cautious of the unseen.

    Many people say, they didn’t anticipate a bad situation with an ‘x’ person or at a particular location. This only proves that humans are an unpredictable race. You can never gauge how safe or unsafe you are, till something bad happens. Hence it is wise to be prepared always. No matter your relation or the location, you’ll be respected for being the one who took control.

    Be the master of your own destiny, take care of yourself and others around you.


  1. Work

    Being mindful about how you conduct yourself at the workplace can save your job and give you opportunities for growth. Don’t be reckless with your emails, reactions and advances. Workplace is an untameable beast. There are always competitors, envious peers and someone trying to take your place.

    Many times we flow in emotions, get impulsive and make a rash decision. This can lead to many unprecedented situations that may be detrimental to your career.

    Always double check your emails, be courteous in the most fiery situations, count to ten before reacting on impulses and calculate your every move.

    Please don’t get overwhelmed in this process, when you are young, you are naïve and look at the corporate world from the eyes of your MBA books. Which makes them an ideal place, where we add our skills and start a journey to change the world. But in reality it is totally different. Hence being cautious will help you succeed and win the corporate race.


  1. Relationships

    Can’t stress enough on this fact, prevention is better than cure in all relationships. We take our partners for granted, become complacent and stop taking initiatives that attracted our mates. And this leads to voids, which with time become deep gorges impossible to fill.Every person needs reassurance and an act of love to feel connected. With time we lose the charm of charming the charmed one, which can be fatal. Find ways to reignite the passion through activities and surprises.

    A long happy relationship can add value in your life through relieving stress, helping you cope with external factors that may be obstructing your growth and giving you a sense of belonging.

    Relationships are built on trust, once gained it may last forever, but if broken it may take a lifetime to rebuild. Hence taking care of your loved ones now is much wiser than mending broken bridges later.


  1. Resources

    Natural resources are depleting faster than we expected. Drinking water is already a concern, rising sea levels due to over consumption of fossil fuels are reaching catastrophic levels. Lack of trees is causing a chain reaction affecting the ozone layer, flooding planes and destroying the habitat of multiple species. Though we have started taking preventive measures now, it would have been a different story if we were more mindful few decades back.

    Earth is made of finite resources, which replenishes in millennia’s. We have exploited them without considering the future of our planet. Preventive measures are the only way forward for us, because there may be no cure for this crisis.

    Walk more, take public transportation, conserve water, preserve nature, at the end everything is connected and we need to do our bit today for the longevity of our race.



Prevention is always better than cure, it is free, saves resources, avoids unnecessary stress, improves productivity, slows down ageing process and has many direct & indirect advantages. It only requires a little discipline and mindfulness towards things you do. A small act today will give you huge returns tomorrow. Take control of yourself and the surroundings to live a healthy, happier and stress free life.