Importance of Water


Water – The Elixir


Thousands have lived without Love,
Not one without Water. ~ W.H. Auden


Water – clear, pristine, calm, cooling, tender, beautiful, majestic, universal cleanser….no matter how much we write about it, there will always be abundant more to say. It’s the substance that is the creator and the destroyer. More of the creator than destroyer. Like the ancient story of river Ganga coming down from the heavens on instructions from lord Brahma to wash the sins of mankind. Only to fall on lord Shiva’s head and being channelled into small beautiful streams of life. There are countless stories of river and sea Gods preserving and punishing mankind for their acts against nature.

Water is a constant force in life that provides calm and serenity. When my thoughts are wild, soul disturbed and body unsteady, I feel calm in the gushing water from a fall, wild waves of the sea, unsteady topsy-turvy flowing river; what an irony. We are so connected with it, that most of our favourite places unknowingly are placed around it. Like a mother’s touch, water provides its caress to our mind and body, soothing our senses and taking us to a place where time holds no value.

Understanding this life force is very essential for the survival of mankind. The sooner we get into the depths of it, the sooner we’ll find the connect with our inner self and nature. Human body is 70% water, the knowledge of its spends and gains will balance our life account and provide efficiency in our daily toil and tear. Water is in everything we eat or drink, and each body needs different quantities of water for daily survival, hence it is important to know the signs of depletion for timely replenishment.


8 reasons why do we need water:

  1. Fitness – good hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during and after the workout. It helps in regulating body temperature, lubricating joints and transport nutrients for energy.


Lack of water in your body can lead to heat exhaustion, stroke, muscle cramping, fatigue and breakdown of skeletal muscle. Dehydration is the worst enemy of an athlete. Always be hydrated to avoid injuries, leading to reduced performance.

A fit hydrated body is always ready for a high intensity challenge, as it can support wear and tear, heavy sweating and heat regulation.


  1. Petrichor – the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. Our noses can discern millions of different fragrances. Many of them are deeply associated with memories and emotions. Attachment to petrichor is one of those pristine memories we’re probably born with, one that is embedded in our genes. Although many of us are not directly connected to farming, we feel deeply nostalgic, just like our ancestors did in the past, when the scent of petrichor emanated from the grounds during the first rain showers. Next time you witness the first rain of the season, take a moment to stop and smell the chemistry, providing peace and tranquillity to your senses.



  1. Health – there can be a book written on health benefits of water. To name a few, it helps create saliva, which aids in digestion. It helps excrete body toxins, which can damage your DNA and increase the rate of ageing. It activates metabolism, which boosts energy. It keeps your skin looking bright and vibrant, reversing the ageing process, making you look younger longer.


Water is very essential for a well-functioning digestive system, blood circulation and distribution of oxygen in body, hence consuming right amounts water becomes an essential part of a fitter body and healthy mind.


  1. Life force – water is everywhere, it helps us preserve the greens and pets who are vital for our survival, it’s flow provides a soothing balm to our eyes and the music of its flow makes us rejuvenated. There is no denying the importance of water in creating a positive life force around you, it has a magical touch on anything it passes through. Have a flowing water body around you for a meditative experience.


Ancient civilisations had water streams flowing through their homes and palaces for the cooling effect it provided, in many ways that was an intelligent race that understood the importance of natural forces and how preserving and nurturing it will make them more efficient and progressive.


  1. Weight loss – water is the magic potion given by the nature but ignored by the creatures. It can do wonders in your journey to weight loss. It is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories per minute and can also suppress appetite.


If you substitute sugary drinks and high carb snacks with water, there’ll be a tremendous reduction in the amount of calories consumed by your body, which’ll in-turn make you fitter and leaner.


  1. Mental well-being – we all have felt how drinking a glass of water can clear our thoughts, reduce anxiety and improve concentration. Even basic level of dehydration can affect your concentration and mood, leaving you feeling tired and drained. Reason for this is that human brain is made of about 75% water, dehydration can lead to lower blood flow, which means less oxygen travelling to all body parts including brain.


If you struggle with mood disorder, anxiety or depression, try increasing water intake. Start with a glass or two in the morning and 2-3 glasses between meals. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go, for happier, brighter and pleasant day.


  1. Cleanser – water on your body has magical effect, it cools you down, helps you relax, charges your cellular structure and drives away negativity. When you are tensed, you feel like standing under a shower for a long time, this is because the water when it falls on your temple stimulates the flow of blood in brain which releases tension. Your whole body is an integration of life flow, you feel tensed or pain, when the flow is blocked, water helps it release, giving you instant relief.



  1. Food – every food item contains water in some percentage, there are some fruits like watermelon which are 90% water and some like almond with 3-6%. Knowing this can help manage your daily hydration requirement, which necessarily may not come from water directly. Water can come in various forms, smell and taste different, but in the end the function of it remains the same, providing necessary medium for our body functions to operate smoothly. Keep consuming substances that aid in hydration, as it’ll help you think, act and perform at your highest capacities. Substances like alcohol can affect your water retention capacity, making you dehydrated. Keep a check on what and how much you consume for optimal body functions.



Water is such an important aspect in our lives, that corporate giants like Google & Apple have launched apps to track consumption and motivate you to hydrate regularly. Various elements in nature come together to make our lives better, we should respect them and preserve them for our and future generations sake.

Save Water Save Life!