CrossFit for weight loss


Every now and then you would come across someone bellowing about CrossFit. Out of curiosity you’ll check it out and find big muscular guys lifting weights, doing handstands, aerobic stunts and a plethora of mind-boggling exercises. This will make you in believe that CrossFit is meant for super humans, but you are wrong.

CrossFit is a form of high intensity interval training. It is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level.

CrossFit workouts combine: strength, cardio, flexibility, balance and coordination. The best part about CrossFit is that they never repeat a program for at least 30 days or more, which keeps the monotony out of the way.

Secondly, proficiency in CrossFit totally depends on your dedication and fitness level. Hence it can be performed by kids, adults and old age people alike. It provides you an opportunity to push yourself to be the best, or just keep doing what you are doing for general fitness.crossfit

It has gained a lot of popularity due to its community building prowess. CrossFit is in all a sport, which pushes and motivates its members to do better each time and push their limits. This helps its patrons to develop high level of confidence, by pushing them to do tasks which they considered unimaginable. Also the type of movements involved are actions that you perform in your day-to-day life, like squatting, pulling, pushing, which are very helpful for old age people and people recovering from an injury.


What you see in media are generally CrossFit games, which are performed by highly dedicated and trained professionals, who have given 2 years or more to the practice. You can participate in the games with lesser experience too, if you have maintained your fitness and strength through other exercises. So, don’t build perception about CrossFit from what you see, go to a local box and take a trial session to feel the rush.


10 benefits of CrossFit workouts:

  1. Weight loss – high intensity interval training is a great way to charge up your body. CrossFit workouts combine multiple muscle groups in your body for completing a task. This increases your metabolism and fat burn rate. If you maintain a healthy diet and cut back on sugars and unnecessary carbs, you’ll be able to see great transformation on your body, quickly.



  1. Camaraderie – community building has been the cornerstone of CrossFit program. It has gained popularity and a cult following by the way it has motivated millions. Athletes push each other to complete tasks, like a big team, giving a sense of belonging, while making everybody fitter. CrossFit is a workout program which induces sport like qualities of team building and camaraderie.



  1. Complete body fitness – most of the traditional workouts are concentrated on one muscle group and can be broken into cardio and strength on a macro level. CrossFit combines both, most of its workouts are a mix of strength, cardio, power, agility and balance. Giving your entire body an overhaul. It is a great workout for people with sedentary jobs, another reason for its popularity.




  1. Cuts out monotony – CrossFit has introduced new words for fitness fanatics – WODs, AMRAP, EMOM, etc. All these put together make a mix bag of workouts every day for their athletes. This is one of the USPs of CrossFit, you’ll never get bored of the routine. Most of the programs are designed keeping in mind the workouts performed the previous day – body parts involved, focus on strength or cardio, new skill development, etc. This way they are able build a new routine every day without injuring or over stressing any single body part.


These workout combinations are always interesting and fun to do. Keeping the athletes always motivated for tomorrow.


  1. Competitive – most of the CrossFit workouts are time bound, which makes the athletes push their boundaries to achieve the target. Secondly the community factor adds to the competition. Every athlete is trying to beat the time and be on top of the class. The glory of seeing your name on top of the board is an achievement in itself. Plus these workouts prepare you to compete in CrossFit games which are competitive and carry high cash rewards.



  1. Indoor and outdoor – it has various exercises that are outdoor friendly, close to nature. There is a strong connection between time spent in nature leading to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Nature boosts up your sense of well-being in various ways and CrossFit gives you an opportunity to lose few extra pounds while enjoying fabulous views.



  1. Functional movements – most of the traditional workouts are focused on specific muscle groups, making you sore and bored. CrossFit workouts are compound movements which work on bigger muscle groups, used in your day to day life. Like lifting, pulling, squatting, jumping, etc. After these workouts, your daily chores become a breeze, making you more independent and confident.



  1. Builds confidence – aerobic exercises that are intertwined in this program look like work for super-humans, but when you are able to pull them off after a month or two of training, it boosts your self-esteem and vigour to a new level. Showing off some moves to your friends and family becomes the highlight of your evenings.



  1. Basic equipment – CrossFit routines majorly involve body weight movements and barbell workouts. So if you have a bar and a barbell, you are sorted for 100 different WODs or more. This gives its athletes an option to work out from any gym, home or outdoor setting. You can create your own set up using barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells and a pull up bar. CrossFit has taken a lot of insights from boot-camps and army training techniques, which work on readily available equipment.




  1. Power packed – most of the workouts that you did traditionally required a slow paced progression into workouts starting from cardio, warm up and some weight training. These workouts could take 30 minutes, two hours or more. However with CrossFit you get high octane action packed in 60 minutes. A 60 minute CrossFit workout can be equivalent to two hours or more of regular gym exercises. Hence this has become the fitness choice of many working professionals, who are crunched for time and find it difficult to follow a particular gym routine, which focuses on one body part at a time.



Workouts for many has been a visit to a gym, running, swimming or some sport. CrossFit has introduced new ways to keep fit, which are more entertaining, gruesome, competitive and practised by the elite from defence, firefighting and other such professions. This gives an enormous boost to the sport, when one realises that they are able to do the same drills done by navy seals. It is a perfect sport for every age group which will keep you fit and active for years. Try this community sport for fitness and share your experience.

Look good, feel young.