10 Ways To Make Life Easy & Happy


Secret of life

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela

A man is a prisoner of his own thoughts. When we keep taking cues from others and try to live their lives as ours, we are bound to fail. Every human is created different (proven by science), but still we look at successful people doing interviews on TV, an Instagrammer showing how rosy his/her life is, an actor being captured at the most perfect angle every time and newspapers being filled with multi-million dollar corporate funds; and we measure success in the digits being shown to us in a well-manicured fashion . What we fail to see is that there are 7 BILLION people on this planet and we are looking at few hundred across the globe.


Even the world’s most successful individuals have experienced their fair share of setbacks and hardships. But no one throws any light on that, because that is not glamorous news. There may be an odd article or a quote hiding under the rug somewhere which will tell you, that road to success is a walk thru thorns, people trying to constantly pull you down, you being voted out of your own company, failures, heartbreaks and a never ending fight to uphold your beliefs. Success comes to those who are resilient, have uncanny sense of self belief and a spirit of a gladiator.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forrest Gump

We are the creators of our own utopia. Everything we want is just a thought away. 10 hacks that could help you enrich life experience:

  1. Meditate

    – workout the most important part of your body, the brain. As the body becomes sluggish, slow and unhealthy due to lack of exercise, similarly brain loses tenacity over time due to multiple factors like – stress, substance abuse, genetics, trauma, etc. To keep this part of the body in shape, the only remedy suggested by various doctors, cultures, gurus and primitive & new age science is Meditation.


There are multiple ways to do it, multiple forms of it and multiple techniques – find the one that floats your boat, then sit, relax and start. It’s as easy as it sounds, the only thing required is routine, determination and continuity.

Positive aspects of meditation are unparalleled to any high you may have ever felt. It’ll bring steadiness, focus and positivity, for a calmer and purpose driven life you have been wishing for.

  1. Believe

    – we all need a light house, that’ll guide, motivate and save us from unseen difficulties. Belief system is an important aspect for every human’s existence. It provides an anchor, stability, goal and direction in life, which are the most sought after aspects mankind aspires for. We need to find a guru, a concept, a movement, or a thought that’ll drive us to make a change, start a revolution or just get us out of bed every day with a mission/goal in mind. Finding this won’t be a cake walk, but we should take chances, try multiple things, meet thousands of people and eventually we’ll arrive at the promised land.


  1. Eat right

    – what we put in our body, makes what we are. We have heard it, experienced it some way or the other, but our flirtatious tongue doesn’t let us settle for healthier options. What do we do? We need to find a balance in our lives, too much of anything is not good. Understanding how much our body requires to be functioning and be in good shape is essential.


Every body type is different, hence only you can find your optimum level. Understanding food may be a bit tricky, for which you may take help of books, videos or diet tutorials. But in the end choice is yours. Try eating vegetarian diet, it has the least carbon blueprint, provides all necessary elements and is filled with positivity. Eat raw, Eat right, Stay tight!

  1. Play, Exercise, just get out

    – we have been created with a limited set of huffs & puffs; and no matter how advanced science gets, the original factory-made setting of our body is the best. Hence we need to start taking care of it now. It’ll be your best friend or worst enemy, basis how you treat it.


Exercising has shown to produce dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood. For example, regular exercise can positively impact serotonin levels in your brain. Our bodies can be elevated to unforeseen levels that can benefit us emotionally, physically and socially. Take control of your body & mind and see the world change around you.

  1. Be around nature

    – we always run to the wild, it somehow has a calming effect on us which re-energises our soul. Modern times have been a boon in making our lives simpler, longer and easier, but it has taken us away from mother earth. She like any other mother, will always care and nurture.


Being close to nature have shown positive development signs in human beings. Our brain cells, lungs, heart and every other part of our body get a fresh dose of energy and overhaul. If you ever feel low and trampled try a walk in the wild or a swim in the ocean, let me know how you feel afterwards.

  1. Weed out negative influences

    – there is always somebody or something telling us how bad the world is, we all are moving towards an end, there is a negative ire energy around these beings, which engulf us and everything in their path. We need to identify these sources and cut them out. Because no matter how strong you are these energies have a negative impact on our soul and being. Our thoughts, actions and movements are influenced by them. We need to find positive vibes, places and ideas that would inspire us to be better. They are harder to find, but not far away. Find what clicks for you and hold on to it, see how easily you become more happier in days.


  1. Show your emotions

    – Laugh, cry, dance, sing or just climb a rooftop and shout your heart out. This world has created a perfect system of subduing human emotions, we all have to follow a protocol to be accepted by society. Why? Why can’t we just be ourselves and let the world accept us for who we are?


This system of controlled emotions, designated places to show a particular emotion, is just taking us one step closer to the machine life (Terminator Armageddon). We need to break free. Happier cities/societies like Okinawa, where people live longer, have a culture of free expression. They laugh freely, express themselves without a worry and stay true to their inner beings; which makes them look younger, stay stronger and be happier. Hence you should also remove all filters and just be yourself.

  1. Set goals

    – whenever we face setbacks or hardships, we go into this spiral of unending procrastination, which leads to nothing but more misery. Better way out is to take a deep breath and analyse what is important, how much resources would be required for us to be comfortable again, and what can we do to get these resources. We need to do a simple CBA (cost benefit analysis). Look at available resources and match them with our skill sets. And voila, we’ll arrive at a formula where we could apply our skills at the most minimal cost to create something that would lead us to a more comfortable life. We have always heard, aim for the stars and you’ll at least reach the sky; I say start ploughing the ground, so that you at least have a field to plant vegetables for supper.


  1. Leave your comfort zone

    – everyone is a slave to their habits, rituals or set formats; which eventually bound you to things that lead to fulfilment of these habits/rituals. There may be good days when they’ll provide you happiness and satisfaction, but there is a bigger more greener world out there. And it may seem cold and uncertain at the start, but the rewards of exploring this world are infinite. It’ll help you unlock hidden talents, opportunities and avenues that you thought were out your bounds. So get out of your comfort zone, whatever it may be – city, job, family or friends and explore more.


  1. Have no regrets

    – whatever you do big or small, with high stakes or low, always remember you’ll get through and achieve greater success ahead. What you have right now is not permanent, what you’ll get in future may or may not stay, so why think of losses, failures and setbacks and anchor your life around them. Move forward with a smile and the world will laugh with you, positive attracts positive in the law of Karma.


Live – Laugh – Enjoy Life!