10 Easy Ways To Beat Stress And Anxiety


Beat the Beast!

More than 52 percent of Millennials report having stayed awake at night in the past month due to stress, compared that to 48 percent of Gen Xers, 37 percent of Boomers and 25 percent of Matures. Money is a consistent topic of worry and stress for millennials. A report finds that nearly half of the millennial generation (45 percent) worries about debt, even more than they worry about their job or health. And that’s not a one-off report. Another reason for stress is the image of a successful life pictured by social media. At least 66 percent of millennials blame social pressure, to accomplish certain milestones by a pre-defined age, for additional stress.


What are we trying to achieve? What do we want that would make us happy? We have cars, good homes, fancy clothes, luxuries that would make a generation before us incredulous… and we are still dealing with higher levels of anxiety, depression and sadness…why are we still unhappy?

There may be many reasons, but something which is predominant, is our lost connection with ourselves, nature and the physical world. We are deluded by technology, social media, multiple options – ranging from mobile phones to relationships. Nothing seems concrete, everything is replaceable. In this fast paced life where we are trying to catch up with everyone, literally the whole world, we are losing the connection within. In the race to show who looks better on social media, we have forgotten what looks better within us.

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We need to break the matrix, get out of the rat race and ‘Breathe’. We need to sit still and give the most important person in our lives ‘US’ time.

Listing down 10 ways you can beat stress:

  1. Meditate

    – it’s a basic exercise for brain, which starts from self-reflection and control. When one starts this process there is a feeling of peace and tranquillity that seeps into your life with every passing minute, hour and day. Your senses become calmer, your actions controlled and you feel joyous with the creation and it’s beings.


  1. Exercise

    – this is one of the easiest things you can do. Exercising doesn’t mean lifting weights or running marathons, it can be any form of physical movement you enjoy. From a walk in the park, game of basketball or a swim in the lake. Just get out and be active.


  1. Reduce caffeine intake

    – it is mainly found in coffee, tea, chocolates and energy drinks. High doses can increase anxiety. Different people have different levels of toleration. If it makes you jittery, try cutting back.


  1. Spend time with friends & family

    – humans are created to be social beings. We gain strength from community and social bondage. Hence there can be nothing more therapeutic than spending some quality time with people who cherish and care for you.


  1. Challenge yourself

    – set new goals, targets, learn new skills and get out of your comfort zone. This will help build confidence and self-respect along with opening new avenues you can explore.


  1. Listen to some soothing music

    – music has very relaxing effect on the body. Slow paced instrumental music can induce relaxation by helping lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones.


  1. Spend time with your pet or Get a pet

    – having a pet gives you purpose, keeps you active, provides companionship and unadulterated love. It is one of the oldest ways to beat stress and live a healthy and happy life.

dog reading

  1. Avoid alcohol and smoking

    – these are stimulants that provide temporary relaxation. It’s like putting your head in sand, it won’t make the problems disappear but create new ones.


  1. Help other people

    – people who help others, through volunteering work, social service or community work, become more resilient. When you help people, you realise there are bigger problems people face, putting your problem into perspective. Hence when you give, you feel happier and calmer.


  1. Accept things you can’t change

    – you can’t change situations or people around you, there is only one thing you can change and that is you. Learn to accept things and start focusing upon what you have to change to survive and thrive. When you get complete control over yourself, your senses and your mind, nothing in this world will be far from your reach.


Problems, stress, heartburns, are all part of life. There is no one who can say they never faced any calamity. The ones who survive are the ones who rule the world. Hence keep calm and keep doing what you like, everything else will fall in place.

Eat right, sleep well, meditate and exercise – maintain a healthy balance in your life and there will be positivity and happiness around you.