5 advantages of a road trip


Why you should do a road trip this year?

Road Trip

Human beings are social animals, we need to connect, socialise, share our thoughts and emotions. What could be a better way to connect with your people and the world, than a road trip. Boxed away from the worries and disturbances of survival, it’s a different world created and controlled by you. Covid19 has emphasised the importance of connecting with people, to keep our sanities at bay.


With air & rail travel going out of the window, unless you don’t mind multiple restrictions being imposed on you; the only way left is road. Welcome back to the pre-historic times! If you have a car and the will, there is no better time to go out and test your limits.


Advantages of a road trip:

  1. Build a relationship – rekindle the fire in your marriage/relationship or just friendship. There are series of books and videos written on how to spice up your relationship or grow thicker together. And the most common response is time, communication and adventure. Ta-Da road trip!

cat and dog

Play games, listen to your favourite tracks, listen to each other’s problems/issues or just gossip, get lost and find your way out, using each other’s skills. There is no better way to get those emotions flowing and the fire burning.


  1. Morale booster – go for a solo road trip and check the boost in confidence you get. When you are self-reliant in difficult situations, you give your confidence the much-needed boost. It is an empowering experience where different aspects of your brain, senses and physical abilities are tested.


Many entrepreneurs, leaders, gurus have embarked on a life changing journey which shaped their fortunes, careers and teachings. Try a short trip around your city for a day and then venture forward.

Message of caution – research, read and know the terrain you are exploring. Don’t take unnecessary risks and explore places that are very far from civilisation initially, once you are comfortable increase your risk capacity.


  1. Food for soul

    – body needs food, the soul needs freedom, nature and exploration. Souls are not bounded beasts, they yearn for freedom and infinity. When on a beautiful road, on top of a mountain, on a beach with waves kissing your feet; human body reaches a state of peace and ecstasy. This is the same feeling sages reach in a meditative state. Hence for a short spur of ecstasy get out and get going.



  1. Explore

    – find the quirk you have, see what makes your heart race, explore – explore till you find it. Along with this if you get to experience a new culture or tradition, what can be better. Observing different customs and people gives you an understanding of how vast human race is and what we have learnt and done is just a drop in the ocean.


Our problems, worries and our illusion of being the centre of the universe fades away. Scaling new peaks, exploring a jungle trail or indulging in an adventure sport gives a sense of accomplishment, unmatched to any experience in the city.


  1. De-stressor

    – there can be nothing more therapeutic than driving on a long stretch of never-ending road surrounded by trees, fields, mountains, rivers and sea. We are more at peace when we are in nature. A lot of artificial substances, pollutants and civilisation disturbs the balance of life within and outside. A small fight/stress amplifies into a heap of uncontrollable rage and anxiety. There are very few or no factors around us that would calm us down. Everything from media, traffic and unending construction are making our nerves jumpy. Hence a long drive, with soothing music and possibly a good company can help us relax.


Try exploring the unexplored and leave for a journey that would bring you closer to your emotional and mental wellbeing. There are many places, beautiful people, earthy fragrances and mouthwatering cuisines waiting to be discovered. Find your miracle story and share your experience.